Dacheng Precision Attended the Battery Show Europe 2023

From 23rd to 25th May 2023, Dacheng Precision attended the Battery Show Europe 2023. The new lithium battery production and measurement equipment and solutions brought by Dacheng Precision attracted a lot of attention.


Since 2023, Dacheng Precision has stepped up its development of overseas market and gone to South Korea and Europe to participate in large-scale battery exhibition to show its latest products and core technologies to customers around the world .

At the exhibition, Dacheng Precision showed CDM thickness and areal density measurement technology, vacuum Drying Monomer Oven technology, offline thickness and dimension measurement technology, and on-line battery detection technology and so on, which fully demonstrated its innovation ability and advanced technology. These equipment and technologies can help lithium factories to improve production efficiency, save production and manufacturing costs, improve battery quality and performance, attracting many international customers to consult.


The staff from Dacheng Precision communicated with numerous customers and jointly discussed new technologies and products in the industry.

During the three-day exhibition, Dacheng Precision gained great attention and popularity, and established a good relationship with overseas customers.



It is worth mentioning that Dacheng Precision is also actively developing new products and broadening industrial fields, such as thin film, copper foil, photovoltaic and energy storage while promoting the overseas development strategy. It is committed to meeting the diversified needs of customers with a diversified products.

Post time: Aug-02-2023