Lithium battery electrode measurement equipment

  • X-/β-ray areal density gauge

    X-/β-ray areal density gauge

    Conduct on-line non-destructive testing on the surface density of the measured object in the coating process of lithium battery electrode and the ceramic coating process of separator.

  • Offline thickness & dimension gauge

    Offline thickness & dimension gauge

    This equipment is used for electrode thickness and dimension measurement in the coating, rolling or other processes of lithium battery, and can improve the efficiency and consistency for first and last article measurement in the coating process and offer a reliable and convenient method for electrode quality control.

  • 3D profilometer

    3D profilometer

    This equipment is mainly used for lithium battery tab welding, auto parts, 3C electronic parts and 3C overall testing etc, and is a kind of high-precision measuring equipment and can facilitate measurement.

  • Film flatness gauge

    Film flatness gauge

    Test the tension evenness for foil and separator materials, and help customers understand whether the tension of various film materials is consistent by measuring the wave edge and roll-off degree of film materials.

  • Cell seal edge thickness gauge

    Cell seal edge thickness gauge

    Thickness gauge for cell seal edge

    It is placed inside the top-side sealing workshop for pouch cell and used for offline sampling inspection of seal edge thickness and indirect judgment of sealing quality.

  • X-ray online thickness (gram weight) gauge

    X-ray online thickness (gram weight) gauge

    It is used for thickness or gram weight detection of film, sheet, artificial leather, rubber sheet, aluminum & copper foils,steel tape, non-woven fabrics, dip coated and such products.

  • Infrared thickness gauge

    Infrared thickness gauge

    Measure moisture content, coating quantity, film and hot melt adhesive thickness.

    When used in the gluing process, this equipment can be placed behind the gluing tank and in front of the oven, for online measurement of gluing thickness. When used in the papermaking process, this equipment can be placed behind the oven for on-line measurement of moisture content of dry paper.

  • Optical interference thickness gauge

    Optical interference thickness gauge

    Measure optical film coating, solar wafer, ultra-thin glass, adhesive tape, Mylar film, OCA optical adhesive, and photoresist etc.

  • Laser thickness gauge

    Laser thickness gauge

    Electrode thickness measurement in the coating or rolling process of lithium battery.

  • CDM integrated thickness & areal density gauge

    CDM integrated thickness & areal density gauge

    Coating process: on-line detection of small features of electrode; common small features of electrode: holiday starving (no leakage of current collector, small gray difference with normal coating area, failure of CCD identification), scratch, thickness contour of thinning area, AT9 thickness detection etc.

  • Super X-Ray  Areal Density Measurement Gauge

    Super X-Ray Areal Density Measurement Gauge

    Measurement adaptable to more than 1600 mm width of coating. Support ultra-high speed scanning.

    Small features such as thinning areas, scratches, ceramic edges can be detected.

  • Multi-frame synchronized tracking & measuring system

    Multi-frame synchronized tracking & measuring system

    It is used for cathode & anode coating of lithium battery. Use a multiple of scanning frames for synchronized tracking & measurement of electrodes.

    The multi-frame measuring system is to constitute the single scanning frames with same or different functions into a measuring system by making of the distinctive tracking technology, so as to realize all functions of single scanning frames as well as synchronized tracking & measuring functions that cannot be achieved by single scanning frames. According to the technological requirements for coating, scanning frames can be chosen and 5 scanning frames are supported at the most.

    Common models: double-frame, three-frame and five-frame β-/X-ray synchronous surface density measuring instruments: X-/β-ray double-frame, three-frame and five-frame synchronized CDM integrated thickness & surface density measuring equipment.

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