Super X-Ray Areal Density Measurement Gauge


Measurement adaptable to more than 1600 mm width of coating. Support ultra-high speed scanning.

Small features such as thinning areas, scratches, ceramic edges can be detected.

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Principles of measurement

When the ray irradiates the electrode, the ray will be absorbed, reflected and scattered by the electrode, resulting in a certain attenuation of the ray intensity after the transmitted electrode relative to the incident ray intensity, and its attenuation ratio is negatively exponential with the weight or areal density of the electrode.

I=I_0 e^−λm⇒m= 1/λln(I_0/I)

I_0 : Initial ray intensity

I : Ray intensity after transmitting electrode

λ : Absorption coefficient of measured object

m : Thickness/areal density of measured object


Equipment highlights


Comparison of semiconductor sensor and laser sensor measurement

● Measurement of detailed outline and features: millimeter spatial resolution areal density outline measurement with high-speed and high-precision (60 m/min)

● Ultra width measuring: adaptable to more than 1600 mm width of coating.

● Ultra high speed scanning: adjustable scanning speed of 0-60 m/min.

● Innovative semiconductor ray detector for electrode measurement: 10 times faster response than traditional solutions.

● Driven by linear motor with high-speed and high-precision: scanning speed is increased by 3-4 times compared with traditional solutions.

● Self-developed high-speed measurement circuits: sampling frequency is up to 200kHZ, improving the efficiency and accuracy of the closed loop coating.

● Calculation of thinning capacity loss: the spot width can be up to 1 mm small. It can accurately measure detailed features such as outlines of edge thinning area and scratches in the coating of electrode.

Software interface

Customizable display of main interface of measuring system

● Thinning area determination

● Capacity determination

● Scratch determination


Technical Parameters

Item Parameter
Radiation protection The radiation dose of 100mm from the equipment surface is less than 1μsv/h
Scanning speed 0-60m/min adjustable
Sample frequency 200k Hz
Respond time <0.1ms
Measuring range 10-1000 g/㎡
Spot width 1mm、3mm、6mm optional
Measurement accuracy P/T≤10%Integral in 16 seconds:±2σ:≤±true value×0.2‰ or ±0.06g/㎡; ±3σ:≤±true value×0.25‰ or ±0.08g/㎡;   Integral in 4 seconds:±2σ:≤±true value×0.4‰ or ±0.12g/㎡; ±3σ:≤±true value× 0.6‰  or ±0.18g/㎡;

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