Film flatness gauge


Test the tension evenness for foil and separator materials, and help customers understand whether the tension of various film materials is consistent by measuring the wave edge and roll-off degree of film materials.

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Principles of flatness measurement

Equipment measuring module is composed of one laser displacement sensor, After stretching the substrate such as copper/ aluminum foil/ separator etc. under a certain tension, the laser displacement sensor will measure the position of substrate wave surface and then calculate the position difference of the measured film under different tension. As shown in the figure: position difference C= B-A.

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Principles of measurement of light transmission laser sensor

Note: this measuring element is the dual-mode semi-automatic film flatness measuring instrument (optional); some equipment excludes this light transmission laser sensor.

Measure thickness by making use of CCD light transmission laser sensor, After one beam of laser emitted by the laser transmitter running through the measured object and being received by CCD light-receiving element, a shade will be formed on the receiver when the measured object locates between transmitter and receiver, Position of the measured object can be measured accurately by detecting the variation from bright to dark and from dark to bright.

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Technical parameter

Name Indexes
Type of suitable material Copper & aluminum foil, separator
Tension range ≤2~120N,adjustable
Range of measurement 300mm-1800mm
Scanning speed 0~5 m/min, adjustable
Thickness repetition accuracy ±3σ: ≤±0.4mm;
Overall power <3W

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