3D profilometer


This equipment is mainly used for lithium battery tab welding, auto parts, 3C electronic parts and 3C overall testing etc, and is a kind of high-precision measuring equipment and can facilitate measurement.

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Scan the measured object by making use of the high-precision 2D displacement senor.After obtaining data related to the surface contour of the measured object conduct various corrections and analysis and obtain the required height, taper, roughness, flatness and such physical quantities.

System characteristics

This equipment is used for measurement of microscopic 3D morphology and surface feature analysis.

It supports one-key measurement and analysis and can generate the measurement report automatically.

Measurement height of the system is adjustable, to fit with 3D measurement of samples with different thicknesses.

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3D wave edge measurement of electrode

Image application background: wave edge measurement of electrode after slitting: this equipment can help to identify whether the wave edge of electrode caused by slitting is too large.

Measurement accuracy

Repetition accuracy: ±01 mm (3σ )

Resolution in direction X: 0.1 mm

Resolution in direction Y: 0.1 mm

Resolution in direction Z: 5 um

Specification ofmeasured adapted

Effective width of measurement ≤ 170 mm

Effective scanning length ≤ 1000 mm

Range of height variation ≤ 140 mm

Welding burr measurement for battery tab

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Image application background: morphology measurement for welding burrs of battery tab; thise quipment can help to identify whether the welding burr is too large and whether timely maintenance of welding joint is required.

Technical parameters

Name Indexes
Applications Welding projection measurement for CE battery welding tab
Range of measurement width ≤7mm
Effective scanning length ≤60mm
Range of welding projection height ≤300μm
Electrode and tab materials Limited to aluminum & copper foils, as well as nickel, aluminum, tungsten steel and ceramic sheets
Bearing weight of stage ≤2Kg
Thickness repetition accuracy ±3σ: ≤±1μm
Overall power <1kW

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