Multi-frame synchronized tracking & measuring system


It is used for cathode & anode coating of lithium battery. Use a multiple of scanning frames for synchronized tracking & measurement of electrodes.

The multi-frame measuring system is to constitute the single scanning frames with same or different functions into a measuring system by making of the distinctive tracking technology, so as to realize all functions of single scanning frames as well as synchronized tracking & measuring functions that cannot be achieved by single scanning frames. According to the technological requirements for coating, scanning frames can be chosen and 5 scanning frames are supported at the most.

Common models: double-frame, three-frame and five-frame β-/X-ray synchronous surface density measuring instruments: X-/β-ray double-frame, three-frame and five-frame synchronized CDM integrated thickness & surface density measuring equipment.

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EtherCAT bus layout

Independent R&D technology: industrial control host + motion controller (EtherNet + EtherCAT)

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Synchronization accuracy

Synchronization accuracy: synchronization error ≤ 2mm ( connected to coater encoder );

Specialized motion controller and high-precision encoder are equipped, to ensure the accuracy of synchronous tracking.

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Multi-frame tracking diagram

Control software

Information-rich interfaces; customer can choose interfaces for 1#, 2# and 3# frames optionally;

Available for CPK, Max and Min statistics etc.

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Measurement of net coating quantity

Measurement of net coating quantity: consistency of net coating quantity is the core index for electrode quality in the coating process;

In the process of production, total weight of copper foil and electrode changes simultaneously and the net coating quantity is basically stable through difference measurement of two frames. Effective monitoring of net coating quantity is of great significance to lithium battery electrode. Background of data collection in the figure below: anode single-side coating a roll of 2,000 meters is produced, he first set of surface density measuring instrument is used to measure the difference of copper foil before coating; while the second set is used to measure the total weight of electrode after coating.

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