Optical interference thickness gauge


Measure optical film coating, solar wafer, ultra-thin glass, adhesive tape, Mylar film, OCA optical adhesive, and photoresist etc.

Product Detail

Product Tags

When used in the gluing process, this equipment can be placed behind the gluing tank and in front of the oven, for online measurement of gluing thickness, and online measurement of release film coating thickness, with extremely high precision and wide applications,in particular suitable for thickness measurement of transparent multi-layer object with the required thickness down to nanometer level.

Product performance/ parameters

Range of measurement: 0.1 μm ~ 100 μm

Measurement accuracy: 0.4%

Measurement repeatability:  ±0.4 nm (3σ)

Range of wavelength: 380 nm ~ 1100 nm

Response time: 5~500 ms

Measuring spot: 1 mm ~ 30 mm

Repeatability of dynamic scanning measurement: 10 nm

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