Offline thickness & dimension gauge


This equipment is used for electrode thickness and dimension measurement in the coating, rolling or other processes of lithium battery, and can improve the efficiency and consistency for first and last article measurement in the coating process and offer a reliable and convenient method for electrode quality control.

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Software interface

One-key output of judgment result, thickness measurement and determination;

Thickness of left, right, head and tail thinning areas of single-/ double-sided diaphragm;

Dimension measurement and determination;

Left & right diaphragm width and misplacement;

Head & tail diaphragm length, gap length and misplacement;

Coating film width and gap;

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Principles of measurement

Thickness: comprised of two correlative laser displacement sensors. Those two sensors will make use of triangulation method, emit a beam of laser to the surface of measured object, measure the upper & lower surface position of the measured object by detecting the reflective position, and calculate the thickness of the measured object.

As shown in the figure below:electrode thickness C=L-A-B

Dimension: drive the synchronized CCD camera/ laser sensor through motion module + grating ruler to run from electrode head to tail, calculate the longitudinal length of electrode coating area, gap length, and length of displacement between head and tail of side A/B etc.

Offline thickness & dimension gauge

Technical parameters

Name Indexes
Scanning speed 4.8m/min
Thickness sampling frequency 20kHz
Repetition accuracy for thickness measurement ±3σ:≤±0.5μm (2mm zone)
Laser spot 25*1400μmHz
Dimension measurement accuracy ±3σ:≤±0.1mm
Overall power <3kW
Power supply 220V/50Hz

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