Laser thickness gauge


Electrode thickness measurement in the coating or rolling process of lithium battery.

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Principles of measurement

Thickness measurement module: comprised of two correlative laser displacement sensors. Those two sensors are used to measure the upper & lower surface position of the measured object respectively and obtain thickness of the measured object through calculation.

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L: Distance between two laser displacement sensors

A: Distance from upper sensor to measured object

B: Distance from lower sensor to measured object

T: Thickness of measured object

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Equipment highlights

Software interface

● Shock isolation design

● Accurate guarantee of upper & lower laser coaxiality

● High-precision displacement sensor

● One-key calibration

Technical parameters

Name On-line laser thickness gauge On-line wide laser thickness gauge
Type of scanning frame C-type O-type
Quantity of sensors 1 set of displacement sensor 2 sets of displacement sensor
Sensor resolution 0.02μm
Sampling frequency 50k Hz
Spot 25μm*1400μm
Correlation 98%
Scanning speed 0~18m/min, adjustable 0~18m/min, adjustable (equivalent to the
movement speed of single sensor, 0~36 m/min)
Repetition accuracy ±3σ≤±0.3μm  
CDM version Zone width 1 mm; repetition accuracy 3σ≤±0.5μm; real-time output of thickness signal;response time delay≤0.1ms
Overall power <3kW

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