Infrared thickness gauge


Measure moisture content, coating quantity, film and hot melt adhesive thickness.

When used in the gluing process, this equipment can be placed behind the gluing tank and in front of the oven, for online measurement of gluing thickness. When used in the papermaking process, this equipment can be placed behind the oven for on-line measurement of moisture content of dry paper.

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Application scenarios

In a large-size special tape manufacturer in Dongguan City, the infrared thickness gauge is applied on the coater, to measure the gluing thickness accurately and by virtue of the industrial control software developed by DC Precisionindependently, the operators can be intuitively guided to adjust the coating thickness according to figures and charts.

Principles of measurement

Achieve non-destructive contact-free thickness measurement of film materials by making use of absorption, reflection, scattering and such effects when infrared light penetrates the substance.

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Product performance/ parameters

Accuracy: ±0.01%(depending on the measured object)

Repeatability:±0.01%(depending on the measured object)

Measuring distance: 150 ~ 300 mm

Sampling frequency: 75 Hz

Operating temperature: 0~50℃

Characteristics(advantages): measure coating thickness, no radiation, no safety certification required high precision

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