X-Ray Offline CT Battery Inspection Machine


Advantages of equipment:

  • 3D imaging. Though section view, the overhang of cell’s length direction and width direction can be detected directly. Detection results will not be affected by electrode chamfer or bend, tab or ceramic edge of cathode.
  • Not affected by cone beam,  section image is uniform and clear; cathode and anode are clearly distinguished; the algorithm has high detection ac

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    Technical index

    On-line CT detection, 3 second/corner the fastest.
    Horizontal mechanism design, reduce device complexity, improve execution efficiency and stability.
    28um detect image resolution, high detection accuracy.
    150Kv closed tube ray source, meeting the imaging requirements while applying to online detection.
    Experienced automation team.
    Strong image processing team.

    Imaging effect

    X-Ray Offline CT Battery Inspection Machine1

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