X-ray online laminated battery tester


This equipment is connected with the upstream conveying line, It can take cells automatically, place them into equipment for internal loop detection, realize automatic sorting of NG cells, take OK cells out and place them onto the conveying line automatically and feed into the downstream equipment, so as to realize fully-automatic detection.

Product Detail

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Equipment characteristics

Automatic loading: stop and give an alarm if the incoming direction is wrong;

Automatic code reading: it can identify QR code of pole core and save the data;

Transfer pole core to detection station, mark out the position properly, with the positioning accuracy ±0.1 mm (in the process of positioning, strictly prevent direct contact with pole core side and protect it against damage during positioning);

X-ray emission/ detection: check whether it reaches the required angle; check whether all required angles have been detected, and whether images and data have been recorded and stored.

Detection process

图片 4

Imaging effect

图片 5
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Technical Parameters

Name Indexes
Equipment dimension L=8800mm W=3200mm H=2700mm
Capacity ≥12PPM/set
Product dimension Tab: T=10~25mm W=50~250mm L=200~660mm;
Tab:L=15~40mm W=15~50mm
Feeding mode Conveyor belt will move cells to the taking position one by one
Overkill rate ≤5%
Under-kill rate 0%
X-ray tube 130KV light tube(Hamamatsu)
Quantity of X-ray tubes 1PCS
Warranty time of X-ray tubes 8000H
X-ray detector TDI linear array camera
Quantity of X-ray detectors 2PCS
Warranty time of X-ray detectors 8000H
Equipment functions 1.Automatic feeding, NG sorting and blanking of cells,
2.Automatic code scanning, data uploading and MES interaction;
3.Detection of four corners of cell;
Radiation leakage ≤1.0μSv/hr

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