X-ray online cylindrical battery tester


Via X-ray source, this equipment will emit X-ray, which will penetrate the battery inside and be received by the imaging system for imaging and image grasp. Then, the image will be processed by the independently developed software and algorithm, and through automatic measurement and judgment, conforming and non-conforming products can be determined and non-conforming products will be picked out Front and back ends of equipment can be docked with the production line.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Equipment characteristics

Super large stage and desk detection area

Authority management and intelligent database management

Induction tray, to prevent wrong labeling

Intelligent anti-interference counting algorithm

Support customized connection of MES/ ERP system

Imaging effect

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图片 3
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Technical Parameters

Name Indexes
Takt 120PPM/set
Yield rate ≥99.5%
DT (equipment failure rate) ≤2%
Overkill rate ≤1%
Under-kill rate 0%
MTBF (mean time betweenfailures) ≥480min
X-ray tube MAX voltage = 150 KV, MAX current = 200 uA;
Product dimension Diameter ≤ 80 mm;
Adjustable range of SOD and detector Flat panel detector is 150~350 mm from the upper surface of cell (battery is placed vertically, ray source and flat panel detector are at both sides of the battery); and the raysource outlet is 20~320 mm from cell surface (customized as required).
Photographing time design Camera shooting time ≥ 1s ;
Equipment functions 1.Automatic code scanning, data uploading and MES interaction;
2.Automatic feeding, NG sorting and blanking of cells;
3.Specified dimension inspection;
4.FFU is configured and 2% dry gas interface is reserved above FFU
Radiation leakage ≤1.0μSv/hr
Changeover time Changeover time for existing products ≤ 2 hours/ person/ set (including commissioning
time);Changeover time for new products ≤ 6 hours/ person/ set (including commissioningtime).
Feeding mode Customized as required;
Height of testing tape 950 mm (cell bottom above ground surface)

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