Fully automatic high-temperature standing & aging furnace


Fully automatic high-temperature aging of battery after electrolyte injection

Improve battery capacity consistency (temperature consistency makes electrolyte be fully infiltrated)

Improve high-temperature standing efficiency, decreased from 24 hours to 6 hours

Battery aging data is traceable.

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Process Flow Chart

Process flow chart (1)

Scheme Example

Three-View Drawing

Process flow chart (2)
Process flow chart (3)


Mode Of Production

Whole-process automatic production; the robot scans the code, collects the data of each battery, and establishes the technologically traceable system, Only 0.25 person is required for each equipment.

Process flow chart (4)

Automatic loading and unloading for single plate backflow

Process flow chart (5)

Fixture trolley for aging furnace

Reduce production space and energy consumption

● Whole-process airtight environment, energy consumption can be decreased to the greatest extent

● Excellent duty cycle of fixture trolley, space can be saved;

● Unique air duct design, temperature of tunnel chamber can be < 5°C;

● Whole-process automatic assembly line, .25 person set;

● Unique inclined fixture laminate, 60°C temperature it can assure the consistency of battery infiltration.

Process flow chart (6)

Aging furnace body

Technical Parameters

Name Indexes Description
Production efficiency >16PPM Production capacity per minute (including tray replacement)
Pass rate 99.98% Yield rate = quantity of conforming products/ actual production quantity (except for material defect factors)
Fault rate ≤1% It refers to faults caused by the equipment, excluding regular equipment maintenance and preparation before production etc
Changeover time ≤0.5h Handled by one person
Furnace temperature 60±5°C Constant temperature inside the furnace: external temperature of equipment should not be 5℃ higher than atmospheric temperature;
uniformity of temperature: within 3C.
Heating time of
furnace body
≤30min Time of temperature rise from atmospheric temperature to 60°C under no load inside the furnace should be less than 30 minutes.
Heating mode Steam/ electric
Aging furnace adopts the steam heater for which steam is provided bythe purchaser, or the electric heating mode.
Aging time 6.5H The operation time of cell in the furnace is adjustable
Feeding mode Step type TCell is placed obliquely at an angle of 15°
Dimension L=11500mm
Overall dimension of equipment for the whole line can be less than orequal to the standard dimension requirements:
Color Warm grey 1C,
international general
color plate
Acceptance shall be done on the basis of the color plate provided bythe customer:
Power source 380V/50HZ Three-phase five-wire power supply: total power 100KW, associatedelectronic energy meter is used to monitor the power consumption.
Air pressure 0.6-0.7Mpa Pipeline compressed air sources shall be provided by the purchaselitself.

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