Semi-automatic offline imager


Via X-ray source, this equipment will emit X-ray, which will penetrate the battery inside and be received by the imaging system for imaging and image grasp. Then, the image will be processed by the independently developed software and algorithm, and through automatic measurement and judgment, conforming and non-conforming products can be determined and non-conforming products will be picked out.

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Equipment dimension drawing

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Equipment characteristics

Overhang automatic detection function: Image algorithms of software can detect a maximum thickness of 48 layers of cells :

Real-time image enhancement function:

Video navigation function:

Calibration function of fat panel detector: It can achieve dark and bright field calibration for flat panel detector:

Image save function for test results:

Prompt message output function: Calibration function, navigation calibration function;

Imaging effect

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Wrinkle detection

图片 5

Overhang detection

Name Indexes
Body size L=1400mm W=1620mm H=1900mm
Weight 2500kg
Power 5kw
Detection area 600mm x 600mm
Type of X-ray tube Closed tube
Power of X-ray tube 75W ( 150KV,500uA )
Flat panel detector Effective area of detector : 250 x 300mm
Imaging matrix : 2500 x 3000mm
Axis-Z travel of detector 500mm
Magnification 1.5~12.5x(system magnification 1000x )
Number of effective layers detected ≤48 layers
X-ray leakage ≤1.0μSv/hr
IPC Dual core CPU, 4G memory, 500G hard disk, equivalent or higher configuration
Display 21.5 inches, equivalent or higher configuration
UPS Voltage fluctuation ≤±2%
Ambient temperature <50°C
Ambient humidity <85%,no condensation
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Feeding mode Manual loading and unloading

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