X-ray four-station rotary table machine


Two sets of imaging systems and two sets of manipulators are used for online detection and analysis. It can be used for fully automatic online detection of square polymer pouch cells or finished batteries. Via X-ray generator, this equipment will emit X-ray, which will penetrate the battery inside and be received by the imaging system for imaging and image grasp.Then, the image will be processed by the independently developed software and algorithm, and through automatic measurement and judgment, conforming and non-conforming products can be determined and non-conforming products will be picked out. Front and back ends of equipment can be docked with the production line.

Product Detail

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Equipment characteristics

This equipment is suitable for X-ray detection of square pouch cell and has the following functions:

Automatic cell loading/ unloading, automatic code scanning, X-ray detection for overhang at four corners of cells;

Automatic sorting of NG materials;

Traceability of man-machine, material and other information.

Product compatibility


Detection process


Function module display

图片 5

Feed inlet

图片 6

Loading manipulator

图片 7

Discharge port

图片 8

NG material box

Imaging effect

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图片 10
图片 11
图片 12

Technical Parameters

Name Indexes
Body size L=2000mm W=2400mm  H=2700mm
Takt ≥20PPM/set
Yield rate ≥99.5%
DT (equipment failure rate) ≤2.5%
Overkill rate ≤2.5%
Under-kill rate 0%
MTBF (mean time between
X-ray tube Voltage MAX=130kv,Current MAX=300uA
Product size T=8~18mm  W=60~140mm  H=100~180mm
Test thickness Detect 4 corners, cathode + anode ≤ 95 layers;
Adjustable range of SOD and detector OH detection; flat panel detector is 150~350 mm from the upper surface of cell (ray source is above the flat panel detector); ray source outlet is 20~320 mm from cellsurface;
Photographing time design Camera shooting time ≥ 1s
Equipment functions 1.Automatic code scanning, data uploading and MES interaction;
2.Automatic feeding, NG sorting and blanking of cells;
3.Misplacement detection of four corners of cell
Radiation leakage ≤1.0μSv/hr
Changeover time Changeover time for existing products ≤ 2 hours/ person/ set (includingcommissioning time);
Changeover time for new products ≤ 6 hours/ person/ set (including commissioning time)
Feeding mode Logistics line
Height of testing tape 950 mm (cell bottom above ground surface)

After-sale service

Fast Response

Respond to the customers' demand (1)

Respond to the customers' demand rapidly, collect site information, record fault, and give rational maintenance suggestions.

Fast Arrival

Respond to the customers' demand (2)

Arrive at the customer's site rapidly for equipment maintenance.

Rapid Processing

Respond to the customers' demand (3)

Professional after-sales service personnel will help our customers adjust the equipment to the best state as quickly as possible.

Rapid Acceptance

Respond to the customers' demand (4)

Cooperate with the customer to complete service project acceptance quickly.

Main products

1.Electrode measuring equipment: X-/β-ray surface density measuring instrument,CDM integrated thickness & surface density measuring equipment, laser thickness gauge, and such online and offline electrode detection equipment;

2. Vacuum drying equipment: contact heating fully automatic vacuum drying line, contact heating fully automatic vacuum tunnel furnace and fully automatic aging line for high-temnperature standing after electrolyte injection;

3.X-ray imaging detection equipment: semi-automatic offline imager, X-ray online winding,laminated and cylindrical battery tester.

Work together for a better future and proceed with the development.The Company will constantly adhere to the mission "national rejuvenation and making the country strong through industry", uphold the vision "build a century-old enterprise and become a world-class equipment manufacturer", focus on the main strategic aim of"intelligent lithium battery equipment", and follow the research & development concept "automation, informatization and intelligence". Furthermore, the Company will act in good faith, be devoted to manufacturing industry, create the new Luban craftsmanship spirit,and make new contributions to the industrial development in China.

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