X-ray online winding battery tester


This equipment is connected with the upstream conveying line. It can take cells automatically, place them into equipment for internal loop detection, realize automatic sorting of NG cells, take 0k cells out and place them onto the conveying line automatically and feed into the downstream equipment, so as to realize fully-automatic detection.

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Equipment characteristics

Fully automatic detection: automatic online detection; it can judge and sort out non-conforming products automatically.

Real-time monitoring: achieve real-time monitoring of all actions, signals and hardware status, and facilitate production progress control and quality data analysis.

Image and data storage: save detection and original images simultaneously; and save detection data automatically, to facilitate reference and analysis.

Safety protection: safety interlock of the entire equipment; all parts of the body surface can meet the safety radiation standard of European and American countries.

Convenient operation: authority management function. humanized software interface. easy to use: it can improve the operation efficiency.

Function module display

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Loading and unloading device

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Buffer tape

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Detection station

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Flow module

Imaging effect

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Name Indexes
Body size L=7800mm W=2600mm H=2700mm
Takt ≥24PPM/set
Yield rate ≥99.5%
DT (equipment failure rate) ≤2%
Overkill rate ≤1%
Under-kill rate 0%
MTBF (mean time between failures) ≥480min
X-ray tube Voltage MAX=150KV,Current MAX=500uA
Product dimension Compatible with 4JR, JR size: T = 10~40 mm, L = 120~250 mm, H = 60~230 mm, tab height ≤ 40 mm;
Test thickness Detect wrinkle on large surface; detect 4 corners, cathode + anode ≤ 95 layers
Adjustable range of SOD anddetector 1.OH detection; flat panel detector is 150~350 mm from the upper surface of cell(ray source is above the flat panel detector); ray source outlet is 20~320 mm from cell surface.
2、Wrinkle detection; flat panel detector is 50~150 mm from the upper surface of cell(ray source is below the flat panel detector); ray source outlet is 150~350 mm from cell surface.
Photographing time design Camera shooting time ≥ 0.8s :
Equipment functions 1.Automatic code scanning, data uploading and MES interaction;
2.Automatic feeding, NG sorting & blanking, automatic matching of cells;
3.Misplacement detection of four corners of cell and detection of wrinkle on largesurface;
4.FFU is configured and 2% dry gas interface is reserved above FFU.
Radiation leakage ≤1.0μSv/hr
Changeover time Changeover time for existing products ≤ 2 hours/ person/ set (includingcommissioning time);
changeover time for new products ≤ 6 hours/ person/ set(including commissioning time)
Feeding mode Feed via two logistics line,1 cell per tray;

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