Dacheng Precision Organized Firefighting Knowledge Contest!

National Firefighting Month 

074d2ec5-ab8d-41fb-b9b4-d33e2fe3fb98The staff are taking prize for Knowledge Contest (Changzhou)


On December 7, Dacheng Precision organized the firefighting knowledge contest. 

The staff are taking prize for Safety Knowledge Contest (Dongguan)


Dacheng Precision’s safety knowledge contest has been launched online since the end of November, and the prizes have attracted numerous employees. It set off a wave of learning firefighting knowledge and improving safety awareness among the employees. 

Dacheng Precision put forward and implement a series of measures to protect the life, health and safety of employees, to improve the safety awareness of employees and avoid accidents. 

The company carries out regular testing of occupational disease hazards for hazardous positions and conducts occupational health check. 

94fd9780626a908ffd5362423d6ad926Safety training 

Since 2023, Dacheng Precision has organized a total of 44 safety education and training sessions, with a total of 1,061 people trained. 

In terms of environmental protection, the company installs ventilation and dust removal system in the production workshop that generates dust. It collects and treats the dust through negative pressure suction, which not only protects the environment but also safeguards the health and safety of employees. 

Through a series of measures and activities, the safety awareness of all the employees has been greatly improved. Now, when the employees enter the working area, they will take the initiative and correctly wear safety helmets, protective masks, safety shoes and other labor protection appliance.


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Post time: Jan-02-2024