Dacheng Precision organized the 26th Games!

On November 3, the 26th Games of Dacheng Precision was started at the same time in Dongguan production base and Changzhou production base.

Dacheng Precision has been promoting a positive sports culture for many years, and the concept of healthy sports, happy work” has long been deeply rooted in employee’s hearts. In this sports meeting, the staff of DC Precision showed the team spirit and highlighted the sports passion and vitality.


1. Warm-up

Dacheng Precision the 26th Games (2)

At 1 PM, employees of DC Precision dressed in uniform clothing and entered the stadium. With the uniform posture, the staff did the broadcast exercise, showing the active and vigorous mental state of the staff.


 2.Fun games

Dacheng Precision the 26th Games (3)

Dacheng Precision the 26th Games (4)

The games pay attention to the combination of competitiveness and interests, including standing forest, relaying jump, tug of war, and running activities.

The athletes who participated in the competition fought hard and achieved great results. The crowds burst of laughter and cheers from time to time.


3. Tug of war

Dacheng Precision the 26th Games (6)

The tug of war is one of the most challenging events for team spirit. When the whistle sounded, the players grasped the long rope and tried their best to pull it back.


4. Long distance race

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A starting gun sounded, Dacheng precision distance race kicked off. Nearly a thousand participating employees ran hard along the road. As one of the favorite sports of DC Precision staff, long-distance running is a classic event of the games.

An employee said, “Since graduation, I seldom ran in the daily life. Since becoming one of Dacheng staff, I was influenced by the strong sports atmosphere. In this long-distance running, it seems to find the feeling of running on the field of school!”

 Dacheng Precision the 26th Games (1)


After a series of competitions, the winners of each award were announced.

Dacheng Precision actively holds sports games and promotes sportsmanship, aiming to call on all DC staff to fully carry forward the higher, faster and stronger sportsmanship. It will continue to create the corporate culture atmosphere of “healthy sports and happy workk”, and encourage Dacheng staff to enhance team cohesion, and strive to be the first!


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Post time: Nov-16-2023