Dacheng Precision was awarded the “Outstanding Collaboration Award 2023” by Eve Energy

Dacheng Precision awarded the “Outstanding Collaboration Award 2023”  (1)Great After-sales

On December 1, 2023, the 14th Partner Conference of Eve Energy Co. Ltd. was held in Huizhou, Guangdong Province. As a lithium-ion battery production & measurement equipment solution provider, Dacheng Precision was honoured with the “Outstanding Collaboration Award” by Eve because of its excellent product system, advanced products, and professional after-sales service. 

In terms of after-sales system, Dacheng Precision has established an after-sales service system, which can respond to customers’ needs quickly and solve problems timely. Facing the tight delivery time and heavy task of EVE project, Dacheng Precision’s after-sales team overcame the difficulties and actively cooperated with the customer to promote project progress, completing the delivery task. 

In terms of project management, Dacheng Precision implements information management and performs process management in all aspects including incoming materials, production, FAT acceptance and shipment.

Dacheng Precision awarded the “Outstanding Collaboration Award 2023”  (3)

Professional training

has built a comprehensive customer service system. In recent years, Dacheng Precision actively carry out customer training. For example, a number of customer training activities has been organized in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hubei and other places, involving CDM thickness & areal density measurement gauge, laser thickness gauge, Super X-ray areal density measurement gauge etc.. 

Dacheng Precision awarded the “Outstanding Collaboration Award 2023”  (2)

Numerous awards

Dacheng Precision has developed a series of new products, contributing to the technological innovation of the industry. It has been awarded with National High-tech Enterprise and SRDI “little giants” (S-Specialized, R-Refinement, D-Differential, I-Innovation).

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