Dacheng Precision won the Technology Award 2023

From November 21 to 23, the Gaogong Lithium Battery Annual Meeting 2023 and the Golden Globe Award Ceremony sponsored by Gaogong Lithium Battery and GGII was held in the JW Marriott Hotel in Shenzhen. It gathered more than 1,200 business leaders from the upstream and downstream of the lithium-ion battery industry chain, such as batteries, materials and equipment, to conduct in-depth discussions on topics including industrial changes, market supply and demand, technology trends, and overseas strategies.

Dacheng Precision is the industry’s first-class lithium-ion battery production and measurement equipment solution provider. Zhu Xiaoan, deputy general manager of Dacheng Precision, was invited to attend and share DC Precision’s cutting-edge innovative technologies and solutions under the background of extreme manufacturing.

2_2177665At present, with the rapid development of the lithium-ion battery industry, the coating process is facing higher and more stringent requirements in scanning speed and repetition accuracy. It is hard to overcome these technical difficulties. At the meeting, Mr. Zhu gave a speech entitled “Innovation of intelligent equipment under the background of extreme manufacturing”.

66666420Mr. Zhu said that the lithium battery extreme manufacturing has put forward new challenges to  the online areal density and thickness measurement accuracy. In response to the challenges, DC Precision took the lead in developing the super areal density gauge with high-speed, high-precision. Its core innovation of solid + ESP detector can fully meet the industry demands.

In terms of vacuum baking technology, Mr. Zhu shared the application of large chamber vacuum baking technology. Dacheng vacuum baking monomer oven, has the potential production capacity of 40ppm+, with high efficiency. The average consumption of the whole machine is 0.1 degrees /100Ah, the vacuum leakage rate of the chamber is less than 4 PaL/s, and the limit vacuum is 1Pa, saving energy consumption and ensuring the cell quality. Besides, the on-site installation and debugging can be finished in 15 days, greatly improving the on-site delivery efficiencyIn terms of X-Ray inspection technology, Dacheng Precision launched X-Ray off-line CT battery detection machine. With 3D imaging, it can directly detect the overhang of cells in different directions through section view. The results will not be affected by electrode chamfer or bend, tab or ceramic edge of cathode. 

It will not be affected by cone beam. The section image is uniform and clear; cathode and anode are clearly distinguished; the algorithm has high detection accuracy. 


It is because of the continuous innovation of DC precision that it won the “Technology Award 2023″ in the Golden Globe Award Ceremony. For the seventh consecutive year, Dacheng Precision won the Golden Globe Award at the Gaogong Lithium Battery Annual Meeting.Dacheng Precision will continue to innovate to promote development, provide the most advanced and cutting-edge solutions for the industry, and gradually promote domestic mature solutions overseas! 

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Post time: Dec-26-2023