Good News! Dacheng Precision Is Included in the Fifth Batch of “Little Giant” Firms!

On 14th July, 2023, Dacheng Precision was awarded the title of SRDI “little giants” (S-Specialized, R-Refinement, D-Differential, I-Innovation)!

“Little giants” typically specialize in niche sectors, command high market shares and boast strong innovative capacity.

The honour is authoritative and recognized in China. The award-winning enterprises must go through the strict evaluation by municipal and provincial experts at each level, and undergo a comprehensive assessment by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. 


Through years of efforts, Dacheng Precision has grown into a benchmark enterprise in the field of lithium battery manufacturing equipment, and its products are fully recognized by the market. The newly developed products, including Super X-Ray areal density measuring equipment and CT detection, have been highly recognized by the industry.

Post time: Jul-28-2023