New Product Has Been Developed! Super X-Ray Areal Density Measuring Equipment—Ultra High Speed Scanning!

As is known to all, the manufacture of electrode is an important link in the process of lithium battery production. The precision control of areal density and thickness of the pole piece directly affects the capacity and safety of lithium batteries.Therefore, the manufacturing of lithium battery has very high requirements for areal density measuring equipment.

Under such a background, the Super X-Ray Areal Density Measuring equipment has been developed by Dacheng Precision.


Super X-Ray Areal Density Measuring Equipment:

It can support ultra-high-speed scanning and detect the thinning area, scratches, ceramic edges and other detailed features, to help solve problems of closed-loop coating implementation.


The developed equipment has the following outstanding advantages:

  1. Ultra width measuring: adaptable to more than 1600 mm width of coating
  2. Ultra high speed scanning: adjustable scanning speed of 0-60 m/min
  3. Innovative semiconductor ray detector for pole piece measurement: 10 times faster response than traditional solutions
  4. Driven by linear motor with high-speed and high-precision: scanning speed is increased by 3-4 times compared with traditional solutions
  5. Self-developed high-speed measurement circuits: sampling frequency is up to 200kHZ, improving the efficiency and accuracy of the closed loop coating
  6. Calculation of thinning capacity loss: the spot width can be up to 1 mm small. It can accurately measure detailed features such as contours of edge thinning area and scratches in the coated area of pole piece



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In addition, the software of Super X-Ray equipment has multiple functions. The main interface of measurement system can be customised to show the judgement of thinning area, capacity, scratches and so on.

Since the introduction of Super X-Ray areal density measuring equipment, it has greatly improved the scanning efficiency and productivity, thus bringing better benefits to customers. In the future, Dacheng Precision will insist on innovation and R&D, and continue to develop new products, making contributions to the development of lithium battery industry!

Post time: Jul-26-2023