Shanghai Light Fair successfully concluded, review highlight moment of Dacheng precision!

f8ae5ed0-ed7d-44b6-90cc-b893c51daac9Laser World of Photonics China 2024 was held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre! The Expo brought together leading companies and technologies in Asia’s laser, optics and optoelectronics industries, and showed many innovative products and solutions.

Dacheng Precision, as a well-known high-end intelligent equipment and overall solution provider in China, brought the latest innovative products and leading technology to the W1 Hall 1161 booth!

The application of Dacheng precision intelligent equipment covers lithium battery, copper foil, film, semiconductor and other fields. It has launched a series of measurement equipment, vacuum baking equipment and X-Ray inspection equipment. In order to better show the product application, Dacheng Precision exhibited 3D profilometer, and laser thickness gauge on the booth.

Laser thickness measurement technology has the characteristics of non-contact measurement, high precision and high speed. Dacheng precision laser thickness gauge has significant advantages in the field of object thickness measurement with its seismic isolation design, accurate guarantee of laser coaxiality up and down, high-precision displacement sensor and one-key calibration. With the update of products, the volume of the micro laser thickness gauge is much smaller, greatly improving the space utilization rate.

The 3D profile meter is another star product that has attracted much attention at the exhibition. It can be applied to lithium batteries, auto parts, 3C electronic parts and other fields. This equipment can achieve high-precision measurement of products, the measurement of three-dimensional topography and surface characteristics. It provides more efficient and accurate ways of production for the intelligent manufacturing industry.

Post time: Mar-29-2024