With the firm belief – to be the “scout” and “leader” of lithium battery industry

Principles of measurement

In 2022, the economic environment is extremely severe. However, the industry of China's electric vehicles go against the trend, and the market penetration rate will probably jump over 20%. With a faster, larger and broader market coming, the industry of new energy vehicles will enter a new stage of full marketization. At the same time, the market of energy storage and new energy vehicles at home and abroad is booming.

Driven by this, the power battery enters the era of large-scale rapid development.

With the firm belief - to be the scout (1)

2022 high-tech lithium battery annual conference site

On November 14th, the High-Tech lithium battery Annual Conference and Golden Globe Awards Ceremony in 2022 was held in the JW Marriott Hotel, Shenzhen. The annual conference lasted for three days, with the theme of “For New Power, China Leads the World”. It gathered the elites from upstream and downstream enterprises of lithium battery industry chain to discuss topics including global strategic thinking of the current power battery industry chain, industrial scale upgrading, technological innovation, and overcapacity control.

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As a leading lithium battery production and measurement equipment solution provider, Dacheng Precision has been invited to be one of the sponsors of this conference, together with Denuo, Hymson, Lyric, CATL, CALB, Gotion High-tech, EVE Energy, Sunwoda and other famous enterprises in this industry. Zhang Xiaoping (chairman), Qiao Zhongtao (CTO) and other executives of DC Precision were invited to the site to attend the roundtable meeting and deliver a speech to share experience with colleagues from the lithium industry and explore the future of the industry together.

Nowadays, the power battery enters the large-scale production expansion cycle in response to the increase of capacity. The extreme manufacturing and super-line emerges. Therefore, the technology research and development of intelligent equipment production line is also facing greater challenges.

At the meeting, Dr. Zhongtao Qiao, CTO of DC Precision, delivered a speech titled “To be the ‘scout’ and ‘leader’ of lithium battery industry - lithium electrode online measuring and vacuum drying equipment".

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Dr. Qiao said that the extreme manufacturing of lithium battery posed a new challenge to the electrode measurement technology at present. The extreme manufacturing requirements of lithium battery electrode plate, such as ultra width, ultra-high speed, ultra-high consistency and security, have also raised the requirement of the online measurement precision of electrode plate to a new level.

As the "scout" and "leader" of lithium battery industry, DC Precision takes a leading position in electrode online measuring equipment of lithium battery. The innovation of core technologies of its measuring equipment can fully meet the requirements of extreme manufacturing for electrode online measurement.

Then, Dr. Qiao introduced the R&D technologies that could meet the needs of the industry, including CDM phase differential measurement technology, ultra-high response bandwidth ray detector, upgrade laser displacement sensor, dynamic optimization technology of measuring equipment structure.

Based on the above key technologies, DC Precision has innovated and launched a series of width measuring products, such as a new generation of thickness and surface density gauge, C-frame laser ray machine, O-frame laser ray machine, Super X-Ray high-speed scanning ray machine, and roller laser machine.

In the field of vacuum drying, the lithium battery drying furnace with large cavity and high efficiency was invented by DC Precision. It has the advantages of no drying room, high space utilization of large cavity, heating single plate sub-control, high flow scheduling, and extremely high process consistency, which provides a good technical solution for colleagues in the lithium industry. The experts and technical staff on site have expressed their praise to the report of Dr. Qiao.

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In 2022, with its competitive products and surge of innovation, China's lithium industry is not only leading the global power battery market, but is also becoming the source of global battery technological innovation.

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In the "Special Exhibition of Power Battery" named by DC Precision, Mr. Zhang, the chairman of Dacheng Precision, said, “What DC Precision has been carrying out is to make every seemingly simple thing fine and perfect. Whether it is measuring or drying equipment, people in the company always insist on the word "precision" to the extreme in terms of technology and process. In this way, the safety and quality of lithium battery products can be greatly guaranteed.”

It is precisely the spirit of Luban, which strives for perfection in every detail, as well as the recognition and support of industry colleagues and customers for DC Precision that its "CDM Phase differential Measuring Technology" wins the "2022 Annual Innovation Technology" Award for its outstanding performance and contribution in this ceremony. It is also the sixth consecutive year that DC Precision has won the Golden Globe Award at the high-tech lithium battery annual conference.

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Thanks to the cultivation and support of the industry, DC Precision has reached its current market position and gained brand reputation. With deep gratitude, DC Precision feeds the industry by promoting technology research and development and cultivating outstanding talents. In the field of technology, it actively holds industrial technical seminar to collect and master the current hot spots and pain points of the industry. It provides solutions through technology research and development, so as to continuously contribute to the progress of the industry. At the same time, in terms of talent training, it has set up "Manufacturing Scholarship", which is used to reward outstanding students who are willing to devote themselves to manufacturing industry in the future, in order to make contributions to the cultivation and transportation of talents.

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As a pioneer in the development of a new generation of intelligent equipment production line in the lithium industry, DC Precision will keep its original intention and keep moving forward on the road of innovation in serving customers. It will continue to provide innovative R&D technologies to support the development of the industry and make contribution to the advancement of science and technology in the industry.

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