Working together to achieve win-win cooperation – Dacheng Precision organized a series of customer training

In order to help customers better master the equipment operation and improve production efficiency, Dacheng Precision has recently organized customer training in Nanjing, Changzhou, Jingmen, Dongguan and other places. Senior engineers, technical experts and sales representatives from numerous companies including Sunwoda, EVE, BYD, Liwinon, Ganfeng, Greater Bay Techology, Grepow participated in the training.

DC's customer training activities (2)

For this training, DC Precision is fully customer-oriented, conducts in-depth research on customers’ needs, and formulates a focused and highly targeted training plans. DC Precision has arranged professional after-sales, R&D, and technical experts to conduct training for customers. The training is performed through theoretical explanations and practical operations in the workshop, which receives numerous praise from customers.

At the training meeting, the host first welcomed all the customers and gave a detailed introduction to Dacheng Precision, its product lines and products. Customers had a better understanding and recognition of DC’s service and professionalism.

DC Precision’s technical experts introduced the main equipment including the CDM thickness and areal density measurement gauge, multiple-frame synchronous tracking and inspection system, laser thickness gauge, X-ray imaging detection equipment. It helps customers to have a deeper understanding of the principles, applications, features, and operations of the equipment. After that, technical experts introduced the equipment structure and troubleshooting of common problems, providing practical guidance for customers.

Finally, the customer went to the workshop for practical operation, and technical experts provided detailed demonstration training on the use of various equipment.

DC's customer training activities (1)

Through a series of training activities, customers have access to practical knowledge related to DC’s products. Besides, participants can learn more about the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies in the lithium-ion battery industry. This is a training and exchange meeting for win-win cooperation between both parties.

Customers said that this training is rich in content, allowing them to better master equipment operation. They have benefited a lot from the two-day training, and expect more training to promote communication and cooperation.

Dacheng Precision has always insisted on guiding equipment design and production with high requirements, attaching great importance to quality. DC has an excellent reputation in the lithium-ion battery industry with first-class product quality, continuously innovative cutting-edge technology and satisfactory after-sales service.


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Post time: Dec-04-2023